The Trail Is My Runway

I was riding my bicycle one day when another cyclist rode alongside me and told me that he’s always wondered if I was a model. Now, that’s a first, so I had to ask what made him think that.

“You just always look so fashionable riding your bike,” he said.

I don’t think I’m any more fashionable than the typical “business casual” gal, but I think what he meant was that I don’t “look like a cyclist,” meaning, I don’t wear the spandex Lance Armstrong getup.

I went to lunch with a friend the other day and when I showed up in a dress, he asked, “you rode your bike in that?” I don’t really understand what it is about a skirt or a dress that would hinder my legs from pedaling.

Which brings me to today’s Bagged Thoughts post. I’m an active woman. Does this really mean I should limit myself to a masculine look to do the things I want to do?

I say, NO.

This is me riding my bike, Layla, to work. The chiffon crossbody looks fun and flirty but most importantly, it’s waterproof and washable. Because you can get dirty riding a bike sometimes.

This is me going for a hike and birdwatching at the Baylands last weekend. I really like the City Collection bag in this size. Perfect for my nature journals, field guides and water bottle.

And me, getting ready for a swim at Lovers Point. My wetsuit and goggles are in my Weekender.

Yes, I’m guilty of the wool socks and sandals look. I still like my comforts. :)

What’s your active style like?

~ Lisa

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